Grow My Search

GPT Assistant for Grow My Search is out.

Update: 2023/5/3

Download Grow My Search app on Apple's App Store to use it!

Grow My Search enables users to begin their web index from whatever words they like, and grow the index. Thus, the name, Grow My Search. We now have GPT Assistant for Grow My Search available on iOS / iPadOS app for Apple devices.

Update: 2022/10/30: GPGPU search function demo video is out!

We are in the final stages of developing a GPGPU search extension for Grow My Search. It will soon be available to the public. Stay tuned!

Grow My Search - Grow Your Own Search Engine. | Product Hunt

Download Grow My Search's brochure here: What is Grow My Search? (PDF)

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SuperAI Search

Super AI Search was created by Inspire Search's predecessor, Ppctweakies. We are now developing a whole new search engine using the technology cultivated from that time.

Super AI uses a quantum computer algorithm (currently simulated) for search.