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Our Mission

Making a whole new search solution and changing how people think and make decisions.

What is it to make a whole new search solution and change how people think and make decision?
Search Engines are essential in people's daily lives right now. Search Solution has endless opportunities. What we need is a good and efficient way to get to the information we want. We need a way to discover as we search.

What is unique about Grow My Search?

Regular Search Engine is reactive.

Search engine company creates the database (centralized)
1. Search Results: According to search engine company's policy / bias.
2. Search operation: Easy and simple

Grow My Search is proactive.

Individuals can create their own web database.
1. Freedom and independence of information gathering.
2. Search and web crawl operation - individuals can control

How we get to that information is same as life, there is shortcut and there is a long way around. We aim to make a search product that is not only about efficiency. We launched our new product, Grow My Search.

As the world becomes more complicated and dangerous, we aim to provide crucial information to decision makers and those who analyzes the market, economy, cyber security, and world affairs.
We hope to be able to aid those who are wanting a secure environment to analyze the vast web. Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation. We will get back to you shortly.

We have partnered with Denquity, a dental startup in India since February, 2023.

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Board of Directors

Tsubasa Kato

Yoshimi Kato


254-0018 2-15-29 Higashi Shindo, Hiratsuka-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan

Making a Difference in Search Engine World.

18 years of Search Engine development experience

Our CEO, Tsubasa Kato has been developing search engines since 2003. He uses Perl, PHP, Solr, MySQL, tritonn, mroonga, groonga to make quality search engines

Tsubasa Kato scored 990 in TOEIC in 2012. He went to MIT to study applied cyber security in a short program in 2013.

Tsubasa Kato's certificates:

  • Anomaly Detection in Time Series Data with Keras
  • Coursera
    2020 July

  • Basic Artificial Neural Networks in Python
  • Coursera
    2020 July

  • IsraelX (Tel Aviv University) Unlocking Information Security: Part I
  • edX
    2020 March

  • Homeland Security and Cybersecurity Specialization
  • University of Colorado - Coursera
    2019 June

  • Blockchain Basics
  • The State University of New York - Coursera
    2019 June

  • MIT xPRO Internet of Things: Roadmap to a Connected World
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology - edX
    2018 June

  • MITx 15.671.0x: u.lab:Leading Change in Times of Disruption
  • 2018 January

  • ETFM2016x Electronic Trading in Financial Markets
  • New York Institute of Finance - edX
    2017 June

  • MIT Professional Education - Digital Programs - Tackling the Challenges of Big Data
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology - edX
    2016 September

  • edX - HarvardX Saving Schools Mini-Course 1: History and Politics of U.S. Education
  • 2016 June

  • Intermediate R
  • DataCamp

  • Introduction to R
  • DataCamp