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3/15/2023 Tsubasa Kato, Inspire Search Corporation's CEO was interviewed by ANI News. Watch the video on YouTube here.
2/27/2023 Tsubasa Kato, Inspire Search Corporation's CEO attended G20 - B20 in Imphal, India as a delegate from Japan from February 17th to 19th.

1/18/2023 Tsubasa Kato, Inspire Search Corporation's CEO has been awarded an US patent. (US 11,556,602 B2)
Go to USPTO site
12/24/2022 We are currently developing Grow My Search for Mac. It will be released to the App Store soon.
Here is the video of the app in development. (YouTube)
12/8/2022 We launched Grow My Search on Product Hunt! Visit us here:
Grow My Search - Grow Your Own Search Engine. | Product Hunt
11/18/2022 We uploaded the demo video of Grow My Search's HeavyDB GPGPU search extension on YouTube.
11/6/2022 We finished building the alpha version of the HeavyDB GPGPU search extension for Grow My Search, and will be publishing to the public after testing.
10/30/2022 We uploaded the HeavyDB GPGPU search function demonstration on our portfolio page.
9/29/2022 We are developing a GPGPU database extension for Grow My Search using AWS's GPU server.
Inspire Search Corporation is now a community member of NVIDIA Inception Program!
7/18/2022 Software Page made - Grow My Search for Windows (Alpha) is now available.
Download from Here.
5/28/2022 We made a demo of Grow My Search's Beta Function of searching arxiv.org.
1/20/2022 Tsubasa Kato, our CEO has been granted patent in Japan. JP,7002804,B (特許第7002804号)
Check it out at "経過情報" on J-PlatPat

YouTube Playlist This is a Playlist of Grow My Search / 育てる検索's demo on YouTube.

Search Engine Algorithm Design

We can provide original search engine ranking for MariaDB / MySQL.

Price: $2500 USD ~

Search Engine Site Building

Our search engineer has over 19 years of search engine building experience.

Price: $2,500 per search engine site.

Please use the form below for a quote.

Search Engine Algorithm using quantum computer

We can build and design a search algorithm using quantum computer.

Sample Source Code on GitHub:
Quantum Shuffle Ranking Algorithm (Uses ProjectQ)
Quantum Multithread Web Crawler Controller (Uses Qiskit)
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Next Generation Search Engine

8/17:2021: We uploaded a brochure for Grow My Search. (PDF) Download here.
7/17:2021: We uploaded our draft idea for a NFT art based on search results. Download here.
Contact: [email protected] for details.
6/25/2021: Published Unexamined Patent Application is now public.


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